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North Africa

An Iran fan in the Khalifa stadium, Doha, ahead of her team's opening World Cup match against England on November 21. A marine link from Bushehr, southern Iran, to Qatar has opened for the tournament

Qatar scores, with vital assists from Iran, Turkey and the UAE

Alongside the massive investment and the 12 years of preparation, Qatar has called in more than a few favours to aid the smooth running of the World Cup. While its allies have proved keen to help, Doha has had to tiptoe carefully around the geopolitical faultlines that run through the Gulf. Turkey has sent more […]


Morocco aims to become the world’s premier fertiliser producer

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upset the global agricultural industry in more ways than one – but for Morocco, one of the world’s largest fertiliser producers, it has presented an opportunity. Not only were Russia and Ukraine some of the world’s most important wheat and grain exporters, but they also played a central role in […]

World leaders will attend Cop27 in Sharm el-Sheikh from November 6 - 18

‘Loss and damage’ to take centre stage at Cop27

The United Nation’s Cop27 summit has opened in Egypt with secretary-general Antonio Guterres stating that climate change is happening with “catastrophic speed” and the planet is sending a “distress signal”. More than 120 world leaders are due to arrive at the Cop27 summit being staged in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. This will […]

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‘Encouraging’ signs for UK firm’s $206m Moroccan gas deal

British firm Sound Energy has announced that it is extending negotiations with Morocco’s largest bank over a $206 million deal for the Grand Tendrara and Anoual exploration permits. The London-headquartered company, which has a wholly owned subsidiary in Morocco, has until December 15 this year to agree terms of a financing agreement with Attijariwafa Bank. […]

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Cairo is the tech hub of Africa – and it’s just getting started

Almost 20 percent of African tech startups are based in Egypt, and the vast majority in its sprawling capital of 10 million inhabitants. Egypt is Africa’s tech hub and Cairo is its heart. According to Access Partnership, a public policy consultancy focused on technology, more than a third of Egypt’s startups have benefited from national […]

Solar energy Gulf

Revealed: Gulf climate targets – and the progress so far

The economies of the Middle East differ greatly in size and diversity – partly because of the distribution of oil and gas resources. Their impact on the climate varies accordingly.  Governments’ willingness and ability to tackle climate change also differs. Many oil-rich Gulf states are engaged in high-profile renewable energy projects, for example, yet their […]


Egypt’s Cop27 will see developing nations call for ‘climate justice’

Drought and famine haunt the Middle East. The Dead Sea has fallen to its lowest level in centuries. Starved of food and fresh water, desperate migrants criss-cross the Mediterranean, fomenting social unrest and violence. Within a few decades, a healthy global trade network has collapsed. Every major settlement has been abandoned or razed to the […]

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UK drinks firms raise glass to Morocco and Tunisia trade deal

British drinks companies have raised a glass after the UK removed trade barriers that deterred alcohol sales to Morocco and Tunisia. The changes in the countries, which extends to Argentina and Angola as well, will help the UK’s products to reach millions of new potential customers and boost alcohol exports, which reached £6.5 billion last […]

Orascom's projects include the prestigious Grand Egyptian Museum but the company is still affected by currency fluctuations

Pyramid selling: Egypt wants to get tourism back on its feet

The Grand Egyptian Museum, a $1 billion mega-project close to the Giza pyramids, will open to the public next month. The opening, which coincides with the COP27 climate change conference in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, is an opportunity to focus attention on a tourism industry that has been blighted by terrorism, conflict and […]

Wataniya Petroleum

Egypt aims to double private sector to tackle economic woes

Weakened by the consequences of the war in Ukraine, Egypt has been forced to negotiate a new loan from the International Monetary Fund and wants to double the private sector’s share in its economy. By 2025 Egypt’s government wants the country’s private sector’s investment contribution to more than double to 65 percent from the current […]

Egypt’s industrial sector ‘building on strong foundations’

Egypt defied global trends – and the expectations of many – to grow throughout the coronavirus crisis. With its sizeable population, rising middle class and tech-savvy population, the country “showed resilience in the face of the pandemic” and is forecast to record GDP growth of 5.9 percent in 2022, according to the International Monetary Fund. […]

Gold from the Sukari mine

The Golden Triangle: treasures of the Eastern Desert

In Ancient Egypt, real wealth was measured in grain. Temple granaries were the reserve banks of their day, with gold and silver seen as lesser commodities. “In my brother’s country, gold is as plentiful as dirt,” marvelled one foreign king in a begging letter to Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Even so, mining was a serious business. […]

Morocco's decline in the agriculture sector has hit its economy hard

Morocco’s economic growth slows as agriculture slumps

Morocco’s economic growth is projected at 1.8 percent in the third quarter of 2022, compared to 2 percent in the previous year, Morocco World News has reported, citing the country’s Higher Commission for Planning. The agriculture sector’s contribution fell by 15.2 percent and is expected to decrease further by almost 16 percent at the end of 2022, […]

Morocco renewables

Answer to UK’s energy needs is blowing in the Moroccan wind

The UK is working with Morocco on an £18 billion ($20bn) plan to build vast solar panel and wind farms in the desert that could power more than seven million British homes by 2030. It will also deliver electricity at about half the rate of that produced by nuclear power plants. With the world in […]

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Moroccan group to buy half of Spanish animal nutrition firm

Morocco’s fertiliser producer OCP Group has signed an agreement to purchase a 50 percent stake in GlobalFeed SL from Spain’s Fertinagro Biotech, the company said in a statement. The acquisition is part of OCP’s global growth strategy in the animal nutrition market. GlobalFeed’s operations focus on animal nutrition solutions, manufacturing, and distribution of products such […]

PIF has launched Tasaru Mobility Investments to accelerate EV development in Saudi Arabia

Morocco in drive to become a global EV manufacturing hub

Ask anyone to name the global electric vehicle manufacturing powerhouses and the US and China are the first countries that will spring to mind.  But Morocco now looks set to join the big league after its government announced in July that it is planning to ink a deal with several EV battery manufacturers to construct […]

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MENA startup funding poised to recover in second half of 2022

Last year was a standout for Middle East and North African startups in which many notable records were broken, including the largest funding round to date and the highest number of deals. The total amount of investment raised by regional startups was pushed to $2.8 billion across 639 deals. This constituted a quadrupling of investment, […]

A combine loads a truck of grain while harvesting wheat during Ukraine-Russia conflict

Poor Arab nations face hunger despite Ukraine grain deal

Middle East and African countries dependent on Ukrainian grain face the prospect of crippling food insecurity, hunger and misery, despite a deal to restart exports blockaded amid the Russian war. Moscow’s promises may prove unreliable, while skyrocketing grain prices could spell dire outcomes for the region’s hungriest and most vulnerable nations, experts told AGBI. The […]

Ethical fashion: it’s so right now, but it’s granny chic too

Sustainable fashion is a buzzword that’s becoming a sound business proposition, particularly for MENA manufacturers returning to the thrifty practices of their grandparents The QR code on the clothing label takes you to a field where the cotton is grown. Shoppers can swipe to see the cotton being picked by hand and gathered into fluffy […]

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UAE, Egypt and Jordan industrial pact will ‘unleash billions’

The partnership hopes to strengthen each country’s economic clout and competitive standing, both in the region and further afield  The UAE, Egypt and Jordan’s decision to enter into an economic partnership stands out from recent announcements of bilateral deals struck between Arab countries and Western partners.   The regional partnership, announced in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, […]