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Public Beta

AGBI is open for business

Dear reader, has launched in “open public beta”, which means we are still in a test-and-learn mode, refining our proposition and content ahead of full consumer launch later this year. What you see on the site is by no means the finished article, rather it is the starting point for something great…

Like the smart startups that we write about, we have entered the market with a picture in our minds of what looks good – but to get to great we understand that the quickest route is to listen to our customers and respond to what they are saying.

So for the next few months, as a new platform and publisher, we’re very keen to hear and incorporate your feedback – it’s an essential part of our process. We’ll be reaching out to key audiences within the business community and we’d also be very grateful if you would share your views on what you’d like to see more (or less) of on the site via

Our intention is to create a product that you value and enjoy, and we are very grateful for any guidance and advice that you give us along the way. We’d be delighted if you’ll join us on this journey.