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Jordan truckers’ strike exposes woes of impoverished south

Striking Jordanian trucker Suleiman Abu Al-Zait spent several long nights on a national highway along his native city of Maan, manning a picket line that created havoc to overland trade. “Diesel is my lifeline,” said 54-year-old Abu Al-Zait, who has seen his livelihood thrown into jeopardy by high fuel price rises since Russia invaded Ukraine. […]

Food security

$5.5m initiative for food security in Mediterranean countries

A new $5.5 million package of technical assistance to improve food security in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and the West Bank and Gaza has been agreed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. The joint initiative, which will be launched in January, is […]

The work on King Abdullah Canal is part of a wider project to improve water efficiency in Jordan

Jordan signs $121m loan deal to upgrade King Abdullah Canal

Germany’s KfW Development Bank has partnered with Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation to provide a €115 million loan ($121.73 million) towards the upgrade of the 65km northern part of King Abdullah Canal. Water minister, Mohammad Najjar, who signed the deal with KfW Amman office director Mark Schwiete, said the project will pump 10 million […]

Flag, United Arab Emirates Flag

Jordan’s draft budget forecasts lower deficit

Jordan’s finance minister Mohamad Al Ississ said on Wednesday that their draft budget for 2023 forecasts 11.4 billion dinars ($16 billion) in state expenditure as the economy’s recovery gathers pace. Al Ississ said in a statement the budget deficit was expected to fall to 2.9 percent of GDP next year from 3.4 percent this year […]

An Iran fan in the Khalifa stadium, Doha, ahead of her team's opening World Cup match against England on November 21. A marine link from Bushehr, southern Iran, to Qatar has opened for the tournament

Qatar scores, with vital assists from Iran, Turkey and the UAE

Alongside the massive investment and the 12 years of preparation, Qatar has called in more than a few favours to aid the smooth running of the World Cup. While its allies have proved keen to help, Doha has had to tiptoe carefully around the geopolitical faultlines that run through the Gulf. Turkey has sent more […]

Jordan says IMF-backed reforms yielding ‘best results’

Jordanian Finance Minister Mohamad Al Ississ said on Thursday Moody’s’ upgrade of the kingdom’s rating outlook to positive from stable showed that its International Monetary Fund (IMF)-backed fiscal reforms were “producing the best results”. “Our fiscal reform has shown that fair and equitable reform is not only good policy, but produces the best results as […]

IMF says Jordan’s economy growth quickens despite global turmoil

Jordan’s growth has quickened in 2022 despite global economic turbulence, driven by strong progress in International Monetary Fund (IMF)-backed structural reforms that have cushioned the economy and strengthened macro-economic stability, the IMF said on Tuesday. Ali Abbas, who headed an IMF mission, told reporters that a post-covid recovery continued to build momentum with expected 2022 […]

Boat, Transportation, Vehicle

Jordan’s ADC signs $242m pact for logistics hub

Jordan’s Aqaba Development Company (ADC) and APM Terminals (APMT), a global terminal operator, signed a $242 million memorandum of understanding to develop a regional logistics hub in Aqaba, Jordan News Agency reported. ADC chief executive Hussein Safadi said that the agreement will prepare Aqaba to handle the anticipated maritime trade and shipping increase.  A training […]

Jordan’s tourism revenue jumps 162% to $3.6bn

Jordan’s tourism revenue rose 161.6 percent year-on-year to $3.645 billion in the first eight months of 2022, Petra, the state-owned Jordan News Agency reported. The increase was driven by a rise in the number of tourists to 3.175 million between January and August. In August, tourism revenue posted an 82.4 percent increase year-on-year to $822.4 […]

Vehicle, Transportation, Ship

Jordan port workers protest after deaths from gas leak

Workers at Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba began a work stoppage on Sunday to protest poor safety precautions following the deaths of thirteen people in a chlorine gas leak accident at a major berth, unionists said. The deaths and injury of over 300 workers came after a crane loading chlorine containers onto a ship […]

UK agency inks first Jordan deal to create 4,000 jobs

UK Export Finance (UKEF), the government’s export credit agency, has announced its first deal in Jordan to support the largest clothes manufacturer in the Middle East and North Africa in the construction of new factories and a corporate office in Aqaba. The deal with Classic Fashion Apparel Industry, worth £66 million, will facilitate the building […]

Jordan gets over $1.2bn in orders for dollar bond sale

Jordan has received more than $1.2 billion in orders for its sale of US dollar-denominated bonds that will mature in just over five years, a document showed on Wednesday. It revised guidance to the 8 percent area after initial price guidance earlier on Wednesday in the low 8 percent range, the investors’ note reviewed by […]

Helicopter, Vehicle, Aircraft

UAE, Egypt and Jordan industrial pact will ‘unleash billions’

The partnership hopes to strengthen each country’s economic clout and competitive standing, both in the region and further afield  The UAE, Egypt and Jordan’s decision to enter into an economic partnership stands out from recent announcements of bilateral deals struck between Arab countries and Western partners.   The regional partnership, announced in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, […]

Bulldozer, Tractor, Vehicle

Brazil plans ‘fertilizer diplomacy’ trip to secure more imports

Brazil’s new agriculture minister Marcos Montes will visit Jordan, Egypt and Morocco in a tour starting this week to discuss increasing fertilizer imports from those countries. “It’s a pilgrimage that we are calling fertilizer diplomacy,” Montes said in an interview with Reuters late on Monday, adding he would be joined by private sector representatives. “We […]

Person, Human, Room

King Abdullah joins Biden to defuse Jerusalem tension

Jordan’s King Abdullah agreed with U.S. President Joe Biden on the need to prevent a repeat of recent confrontations in Jerusalem’s Muslim holy sites that sparked concerns of wider conflict, state media said. In a phone call on Monday, Abdullah was quoted as saying the cornerstone of peace was a comprehensive Arab Israeli settlement based […]

Jordan’s king agreed with U.S. Biden on need to defuse Jerusalem tension

Jordan’s King Abdullah agreed with U.S. President Joe Biden on the need to prevent a repeat of recent confrontations in Jerusalem’s Muslim holy sites that sparked concerns of wider conflict, state media said. In a phone call on Monday, Abdullah was quoted as saying the cornerstone of peace was a comprehensive Arab Israeli settlement based on a two-state solution […]

EU plans to counter Russia with food diplomacy in North Africa, Middle East

The EU aims to address rising wheat and fertilizer prices and expected shortages in the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East with “food diplomacy” to counter Russia’s narrative on the impact of its Ukraine invasion, EU diplomats and officials say. Food insecurity was causing “resentment” in vulnerable countries in these regions, while Moscow was […]