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Environment and climate news from the Middle East. All the important stories, plus authoritative opinion and analysis.

Oman: the next hydrogen energy superpower

With lengthy daytime sun, strong overnight winds and an accessible coastline, H2 investors and developers have long admired Oman, dubbed a “future renewable superpower,” by green energy titans. The government has noticed their admiration, and is looking to hydrogen to help power the oil-rich country’s energy grid and recharge its fossil fuel-reliant economy.  Since announcing […]

Heavy rain and floods in Afghanistan kill 22

Heavy rain and flooding has killed 22 people, destroyed hundreds of homes and damaged crops in Afghanistan, which is already facing a humanitarian crisis, a disaster management official said today. The Taliban government, struggling to cope with the disaster that has affected more than a third of its provinces, will approach international relief organisations for […]

Joe Biden is under pressure to bring down petrol prices in the US

Saudi Arabia leads OPEC move to drop energy watchdog’s data

A decision driven by Saudi Arabia that OPEC+ should stop using oil data from the West’s energy watchdog reflected concern about US influence on the figures, said sources, adding to strain on ties between Riyadh and Washington. The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies including Russia, a group referred to as OPEC+, has […]

Regulators call for external checks on bank climate data

Regulators could force banks and other financial firms to hire external auditors to check on the accuracy of their climate data, the Financial Stability Board said in a report on Friday. Financial firms are being required to spell out how climate change is affecting their business as part of government efforts to meet net-zero economy […]

Humanity on ‘spiral of self-destruction’ as disasters rise

The world is set to face 1.5 disasters a day – 560 a year – by 2030, as humans put themselves on a “spiral of self-destruction” by heating up the climate and ignoring risk, pushing millions more people into poverty, the United Nations warned on Tuesday. In the past two decades, between 350 and 500 medium-sized to major disasters were […]

Britain to allow poultry outside as bird flu threat recedes

A mandatory housing order for poultry and captive birds in Britain is to be lifted, effective May 2, with the threat of bird flu now decreasing after the country’s worst-ever outbreak. The four chief veterinary officers, with responsibilities for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, announced the move in a joint statement on Monday, opening […]