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Divsha Bhat

Technology Editor

Divsha is based in Dubai and writes about cutting-edge technology. She used to be technology editor at Gulf Business

Divsha Bhat
The buy-now-pay-later online shopping business model is predicted to grow steadily in the UAE until 2028

UAE enforces new rules for buy-now-pay-later operators

Updated regulations for buy-now-pay-later service providers and other finance companies providing short-term credit facilities have been introduced by the Central Bank of the UAE. Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL), a business model that allows consumers to make immediate online purchases and spread their payments over interest-free instalments, has grown in popularity in the Gulf post Covid-19. Last month, […]

Technology tech trends man laptop ChatGPT ChatGPT took the world by storm in 2023 and research firm Gartner predicts that more than 80 percent of enterprises will integrate generative AI into their applications by 2026

Gulf tech trends to watch in 2024

Technological breakthroughs in 2023 have transformed society and the world economy, but we must always look ahead. These are the cutting-edge discoveries and technologies that will define 2024. Quantum computing Quantum computing – using the principles of quantum mechanics to tackle problems too complex for traditional computers – is set to revolutionise industries.  Global tech […]

Bahrain office rents

Bahrain introduces real estate data service for investors

Bahrain’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority has launched an online service providing investors with data on the kingdom’s real estate sector. Aqari Data Bank uses artificial intelligence to give up-to-date information on transaction volumes, property valuations, land classifications and the locations of commercial complexes, healthcare facilities and educational institutions. The subscription-based platform provides interactive maps and […]

electric bike delivery

Dubai electric bike firm plans UAE expansion

Dubai last-mile delivery company Eco Way plans to replace the UAE’s many thousands of petrol motorcycles with electric bikes. The startup currently operates 45 electric bikes in Dubai and has partnered with companies including Talabat, Pizza Hut, Amazon, Deliveroo, KFC and Emirates Post Group. Founder Ivan Kroshny said Eco Way also wants to expand from […]

International Holding Company said in a disclosure to the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange that scammers are using the company's name for fraudulent investment opportunities

Middle East hit by wave of brand impersonation scams

Cybersecurity experts in the Middle East are warning of a rise in brand impersonation attacks which persuade unsuspecting consumers to part with sensitive information.  International Holding Company, a global investor based in Abu Dhabi, said in a disclosure to the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange last week that scammers are using the company’s name and logo […]

The Jetsons, pioneers of the smart home

Living like the Jetsons: Middle East homes go smart

It has been six decades since the American animated sitcom The Jetsons offered a glimpse into a future filled with robots and smart kitchens. Now reality seems poised to beat this once-fanciful vision.  Today, voice-activated assistants seamlessly control everything – from adjusting lights and thermostats to automating tasks such as unlocking doors or turning on […]

42 deals to secure funding for startups were agreed in November

Mena startup funding bounces back in November

Startup funding rose sharply in November, reflecting regional and global investors’ renewed confidence in the Middle East and North Africa.  Investment totalled $764 million from 42 deals, according to Dubai-based venture capital company Wamda. It was the highest monthly figure in 2023, an increase of 390 percent from October’s figure and a year-on-year rise of […]

The UAE alone generates over 6.5 million tonnes of waste a year, more than three quarters of which ends up in landfills

Turning trash into tokens: blockchain’s answer to waste

Trash, garbage, detritus. Whatever you call it, the waste management industry around the world faces a huge challenge as it must handle a substantial and growing volume of rubbish. In 2020, according to the World Bank, the world generated 2.24 billion tonnes of solid waste, amounting to a footprint of 0.79 kg per person per […]

binance abu dhabi

Binance pulls out of licence application in Abu Dhabi

Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance has withdrawn its licence application from Abu Dhabi Global Market, the main regulator in the UAE capital, but still wants to join an international exchange in Dubai. The troubled crypto operator withdrew its application on November 7, according to the regulator’s website. “While assessing our global licensing needs, we decided this […]

Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, head of cybersecurity for the UAE government. Lack of resources and too many manual processes are just a few of the IT safety issues facing companies

UAE cybersecurity is failing, say IT executives

Inadequate technology is one of the primary causes of data breaches suffered by UAE companies, despite huge investments made by IT departments in the Gulf state to combat cyberattacks, say experts. Companies in the Mena region spent $2.8 billion on cybersecurity last year, according to US technology research and consulting firm Gartner.  Yet a report […]

The UAE is proving attractive to blockchain companies

Tax-friendly UAE beckons blockchain businesses 

The UAE is becoming a preferred destination for blockchain technology companies, ranking third globally as a crypto centre, according to a survey. Immigration consultancy Henley & Partners used six criteria to arrive at a global ranking and placed Singapore first because of its government’s close cooperation with banks, businesses and the public in developing its […]

Sheikh Khaled, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, at the AI71 launch

Abu Dhabi sets up business to leverage AI expertise

Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council has set up a company that aims to capitalise on the emirate’s growing expertise in artificial intelligence. The business, AI71, will build on Falcon, the open-source AI developed in Abu Dhabi. The Falcon 7B, 40B and 180B large language models (LLMs) – tools capable of digesting large amounts of […]

Last-mile delivery company Wize's co-founder and CEO, Alexander Lemzakov

Last-mile delivery drives growth in logistics sector

Last-mile delivery is recording strong growth in the Mena logistics sector, which itself is receiving substantial funding in the region.  Logistics was the third highest-funded sector in the Mena region last year, amounting to $362 million, according to data from advisory service and investor Wamda. Wize, a logistics startup in Dubai which specialises in last-mile […]

Former Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng in Paris last year. He will pay $50m as part of a $4.3bn settlement following a US money-laundering investigation into the cryptocurrency platform

Binance scandal won’t rock UAE but clarity is needed

Industry experts have told AGBI that the UAE needs to address some of its own internal challenges if it is to realise its ambitions to become a global cyptocurrency player. Former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao’s guilty plea as part of a $4.3 billion settlement with US anti-money laundering authorities is unlikely to lead to major […]

The AGBI AI event in Dubai: Human Made founder Noel Tock spoke about the need for 'human checkpoints'

‘Human-in-the-loop’ model remains essential for AI

Artificial intelligence is poised to complement and augment human capabilities, not replace them, according to a tech expert speaking at an AGBI event last week. Noel Tock, the founder of digital agency Human Made, emphasised the importance of the “human-in-the-loop” model.  “For critical tasks such as analysing medical reports, human oversight remains essential until AI […]

Neil Maiden

Businesses shouldn’t leap onto ChatGPT bandwagon

Companies looking to use AI to enhance business should not rush to jump on the “tech bandwagon” behind successes such as ChatGPT, one of the UK’s leading experts in artificial intelligence has said. ChatGPT, launched in November 2022, uses large language modelling (LLM) which enables it to do things like answer questions and write articles. […]

AI journalists Video length: 0:57

AI ‘not just a problem-solving tool’ for journalists

Journalists must embrace artificial intelligence technologies in their day-to-day work, according to a panel of leading experts during a session hosted by AGBI at the Global Media Congress. “AI is not just a tool for problem-solving or generating the next stories but it also allows the development of new creative skill sets,” said Professor Neil […]

AI advocate Jessica Groopman speaks at the AGBI AI event in Dubai

Bias a challenge for AI ethics, says Silicon Valley analyst

The ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) should focus on the inherent biases introduced during the design phase by those crafting the technology, a Silicon Valley analyst and AI advocate, Jessica Groopman, told an event organised by AGBI last week.  “When we create these tools, we inevitably embed biases in them, reflecting our human biases,” […]

Prince Badr Bin Farhan announced the new AI centre

Saudi Arabia sets up centre to research AI ethics

Saudi Arabia has announced a centre aimed to propel competencies and legislative frameworks in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies. The International Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Ethics was unveiled by the minister of culture Prince Badr Bin Farhan at the 42nd session of Unesco’s General Conference in Paris on November 11.  The centre […]

Core42, which was launched by G42 in Abu Dhabi last month, has announced its new AI Arabic language model called Jais30B

Core42 unveils advanced Arabic language AI model

A new version of a deep learning algorithm capable of translating or generating Arabic text was unveiled in the UAE this week. Jais30B, which features 30 billion parameters, was introduced by Core42, a G42 company based in Abu Dhabi. “With 160 percent longer answers in Arabic and a 233 percent increase in English, the platform […]

A 'try before you buy' VR metaverse experience can help travellers and businesses

Appeal of virtual travel is instant – but limited

Virtual reality is making it possible for visitors to explore destinations before they travel and see places that would otherwise be inaccessible, but there is much debate over whether it is a replacement for real travel. “The metaverse can allow destinations to offer ‘try before you buy’ virtual experiences,” said Samuel Huber, CEO of UK […]