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UAE companies offered free emissions assessments

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All UAE-registered companies can apply for the '71 Climate Heroes' scheme but the focus will be on SMEs
  • ImpactGulf consultancy launches scheme
  • ’71 Climate Heroes’ open until December
  • SMEs encouraged to ‘seize opportunity’

ImpactGulf, a carbon accounting and sustainability consultancy, is offering 71 UAE-registered businesses a complimentary assessment of their greenhouse gas emissions over the past five years. 

The ‘71 Climate Heroes’ initiative – named to reflect the year the UAE was established – is open to the first companies and institutions that register by December 2.

Any UAE-registered company can apply, regardless of their size, although there will be a focus on SMEs, ImpactGulf said.

The aim is to help UAE businesses to plan for the cost and complexity of greening their operations to support the country in its journey to reach net zero carbon by 2050. 

“We particularly encourage SMEs to join this initiative and seize this opportunity,” said Yassin Nasri, founder and chief executive of ImpactGulf.

“Climate action can pose significant challenges for smaller companies, and we aim to alleviate these hurdles.”

ImpactGulf founder and CEO Yassin NasriImpactGulf
ImpactGulf founder and CEO Yassin Nasri

ImpactGulf is partnering with Berlin carbon accounting firm CarbonZE to provide an automated digital platform – or dashboard – enabling companies to link their financial data and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and better record and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. 

The dashboard allows businesses to view their emissions instantly and choose science-based emissions reduction measures, according to ImpactGulf. 

As well as providing software, the company also analyses business operations and proposes measures to engage employees and customers in sustainability efforts.  

Nasri also urged larger corporations “already on the path to net zero” to support the initiative.

“Whether through encouragement or financial aid, these corporations can assist smaller businesses within their supply chain and partner companies in decarbonising their operations,” he said.