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The Dubai spa charging AED90,000 to increase ‘healthspan’

Clinique La Prairie opened its fifth Longevity Hub-branded spa in Dubai last month and is preparing to open a $300 million health resort in Saudi Arabia’s Amaala giga-project next year. 

The “medical spa” receives 60,000 clients each year from the Middle East to its luxury facility in Montreux, Switzerland for longevity and preventative medicine treatments. So it is no surprise the business is setting up in the Gulf. 

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabian governments are heavily investing in initiatives such as the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center and the Quality of Life Programme in an effort to increase life expectancy and improve health. 

“Statistics say that we spend many years ahead of our death in a sick condition,” Simone Gibetroni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, tells AGBI

“You can have people living longer and sicker or you can have the benefit of people being healthier and active, being able to consume and produce – hence, contributing to the economy.”

Clinique La Prairie’s yearly membership can cost up to AED90,000 ($24,500). American entrepreneur Bryan Johnson reportedly spends $2 million per year on his intensive longevity regimen.

These figures pose the question: is this industry open only to those rich enough to afford it?

“At the beginning, (longevity) technologies were very expensive,” Johnson says. “The more they develop, the more they will become available for everybody.

“Genetic tests is an example. When they first came out, they cost thousands of dollars. Now you can do a genetic test for a few dollars.”

Watch the full video to see what members get at Dubai’s longevity medical spa.

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