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Olivia Cuthbert

Olivia Cuthbert
The Temple of Hercules in Jordan. Tourism contributed about 15% to GDP in 2023

Startups get fired up in Jordan’s rapidly changing environment

A decade ago, Jordanian startups were the purview of risk-takers and dreamers. Sensible graduates with a head for business sought positions at banks and corporations, with a steady income and job security. That mentality is shifting as increased investment and public sector support fuel a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, encouraging more Jordanians to shelve the safe […]

People, Person, Man, cart

Top 10 agtech innovators shaping the Mena market

Lush plains criss-crossed by fresh water lakes and grasslands where hippos and elephants roamed. This was the Arabian peninsula in prehistoric times, according to archaeologists who have uncovered traces of fertile landscapes beneath the desert sands. Today the terrain looks very different, as the region’s governments race to confront food scarcity on a warming planet. […]

Retold is a sustainable boutique selling pre-loved fashion in Dubai

30 of the most sustainable companies in the Middle East

With Cop27 beginning today in Egypt, we focus on 30 businesses tackling the social and environmental challenges that threaten the region Middle Eastern companies large and small are going green as they realise the environmental and commercial potential of being socially conscious.  Governments are also focusing on sustainability, placing green projects at the heart of […]

Make it rain: UAE pins its hopes on cloud seeding

Condensation streaming down windows is a familiar sight in Dubai’s summer, an illusion of rain at the hottest time of year.  The UAE’s average rainfall is extremely low in August, but in recent years there has been a rise, which some experts attribute to cloud seeding – when a dedicated fleet of planes take to […]

Ethical fashion: it’s so right now, but it’s granny chic too

Sustainable fashion is a buzzword that’s becoming a sound business proposition, particularly for MENA manufacturers returning to the thrifty practices of their grandparents The QR code on the clothing label takes you to a field where the cotton is grown. Shoppers can swipe to see the cotton being picked by hand and gathered into fluffy […]

Revealed: top co-working spaces in the Gulf

Demand for co-working spaces is on the rise in the Gulf as business communities evolve to support the shift towards knowledge-based economies and nurture a new generation of startups driving a different way of working. Spaces are opening up across the region to accommodate a different breed of worker that prioritises flexibility, low rates and […]