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Dan Tamhar

Dan Tamhar
Rising inflation has led to Iran's citizens making tough choices about how they live

Iran seeks relief from inflation and FX shortages

The transfer of $6 billion in funds frozen by the US cannot come soon enough for Iran’s hard-pressed citizens.  As part of an agreement last month for the release of American-Iranian prisoners, President Biden’s administration has agreed to the release of the foreign exchange which had been blocked in South Korea.  Rising prices are at […]

Iran water

Iran is running out of water, with little signs of progress

During the winter months, snowfall carpets the Alborz mountains that loom over Tehran, sending millions of gallons of water through the capital’s roadside drains known as jubes and world-famous qanat systems of underground aqueducts. Across the country, a series of naturally occurring lakes and rivers combined with reservoirs and dams combine to trap the snowmelt. […]

Iran natural gas crisis

Crisis looms for the Iranian natural gas sector

While the world’s attention has been focused on the sanctioned Iranian oil industry, another vital part of the country’s energy infrastructure is deteriorating – its natural gas sector. Iran’s domestic economy and its consumers depend far more on gas than they do on oil. But if urgent financial, technical and commercial support is not provided […]