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Oman decrees locals to take over 200 professions from expats

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Oman plans for the employment future of its young population

Oman’s Ministry of Labour (MoL) is to Omanise 207 professions.

The decision regulates the practice of professions including administrative director, director of personnel affairs, director of public relations, security supervisor, general manager, deputy director, social service specialist, social welfare specialist, social psychology specialist, social worker, student activities specialist and flight operations inspector.

The decision also includes Omanisation of jobs such as receptionist, grocer, sweet seller, perfume seller, gas cylinder seller, guard, tractor driver, tour guide, real estate insurance broker and vehicle insurance broker.

The move comes as other GCC countries seek to develop their own young population, the majority of nationals in the region being under the age of 35.

There’s increasing government pressure on organisations to hire local talent over expats, a trend dubbed Emiratisation, Qatarisation and Saudisation.

According to the World Bank, Saudi last year witnessed the total number of male and female Saudi employees in the local labour market reaching about 2.25 million, an increase of 28 percent compared to 2020 when the number was 1.75 million.

‘Work permit licences [in Oman] issued for the specified professions will apply until the date of their expiry,’ a spokesperson told Muscat Daily.

In July, MoL announced that 23,271 jobseekers were employed in the public and private sectors in the first six months of 2022. Of the total, 17,200 were employed directly or through replacement opportunities, and 6,016 through training and rehabilitation.

MoL is aiming to provide 35,000 jobs through recruitment, replacement and training for citizens in 2022.