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Mamad Kashani Akhavan, CEO, Powerhouse Real Estate

Mamad Kashani Akhavan

What does your company do? 

We’re aiming to reinvent real estate by educating brokers and expanding their knowledge in the field. We’ve implemented a simple training programme for each new joiner to ensure their quality of performance in the market. Once they’re released into what we call “the sales floor”, they’re ready to enter the game. 

What do you look for when hiring talent?

Self-motivation and a positive attitude. The rest can be taken care of by Powerhouse’s agent support initiative. I believe in a work environment this competitive if you manage to keep a good attitude you are more alert, have less stress, and, therefore, can build up better relationships with clients and your colleagues. Networking is key in real estate, and you need a good attitude to build up and maintain a network. 

What counts for more, luck or hard work?

Unless you work hard you won’t become lucky. Opportunity comes to those who work hard, understand the game, and have the capacity to stay in the game. So, for me, it’s more about endurance and consistency.

What was your biggest lucky moment?

In 1984 I did a deal for £1 million back in the UK, which was a record for that time. I was only 21 years old!

What is one thing you wish you’d done differently?

Hold Apple shares!

If you could rule the world for a day, what three things would you change? 

  1. I would make people think more about how precious time is. Once time is gone you can’t get it back and that is very important to remember. If people live by that, they would make different decisions every day. 
  2. Teamwork. If you don’t pass the ball, you will lose the ball. It’s a game we all should play together as a team. 
  3. Be more understanding of each other’s needs. 

What three factors do entrepreneurs misjudge about the Gulf market? 

  1. They don’t realise the majority of the properties in Dubai are owned by locals – the entire property stock is not freehold. They should believe in the market more and stop panicking. We’ve got a lot here in Dubai’s real estate market to look forward to.
  2. Misjudging the fast pace of Dubai’s market in general. I believe Dubai is growing fast and everybody should keep up and upgrade accordingly. 
  3. There are a lot of business owners who think what worked yesterday works today. 

Dream Mentor?

The British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. His desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age and his persuasiveness in different fields motivate me. As an entrepreneur, serial developer, and a real estate business owner, I would like to educate other people in this particular field and influence them positively so they can reach their full potential. Sir Richard Branson is also an adventurer and that is admirable in my opinion.