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Volkswagen and BP consider e-car charging alliance in new regions

Europe’s top carmaker Volkswagen and BP are planning to deepen their electric charging partnership and could expand it to other regions and technologies, the CEOs of both companies said on Thursday.

“There are so many more areas where we are complementary,” Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess told reporters on the sidelines of an event in Duesseldorf where both companies unveiled the first electric vehicle charging stations of a European co-operation.

“BP has a very strong network in many places of the world. So it means what we do here we can do in other places as well,” Diess said, adding BP could also be a strong partner in the area of electric truck charging.

“The thing that I love about partnerships: we can do coolants together, we can do energy together, electrification, hydrogen … all these things,” BP CEO Bernard Looney said.

“We will do things in 3-4 years together that we didn’t even imagine existed today.”