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Caroline Ralston, founder, Proposal Boutique

Proposal Boutique Supplied
Caroline Ralston, founder of Proposal Boutique

Proposal Boutique is a Dubai-based luxury marriage proposal planning company, helping couples enjoy an unforgettable “will you marry me?” experience.

What does your company do?

We work closely with men from all over the world to help them deliver the most romantic and unforgettable proposal. We source the venue, flowers, decorations, musicians, fireworks, and much more to make it a magical evening to ask the all-important question “will you marry me?”.

What do you look for when hiring talent? 

I look for staff who are an extension of our core values. They need to be extremely friendly, positive and enthusiastic as they are working with couples on the most special evening of their life.

What counts for more – luck or hard work?

It’s 100 percent hard work and dedication. I believe you can achieve anything when you work hard towards your goals. 

What was your biggest ‘lucky’ moment?

My biggest lucky moment was having an influential client who then shared our details to his friends which led to many more amazing high-end proposals. 

What one thing do you wish you’d done differently?

I wish I’d gambled on myself much earlier on and left my full-time job to pursue the business full time. 

If you could rule the world for a day, what three things would you change?

  1. Free unlimited medical care for everyone
  2. Universal education
  3. That the whole world would turn off all technology from 5-7pm each night to spend time with family and friends uninterrupted

What three factors do entrepreneurs misjudge about the Gulf market?

  1. That it is difficult to set up a business. I think you get so much support in the region from other business owners and people are so willing to share their experiences and contacts with you
  2. Competition is fierce in the region and there are always companies that are undervaluing themselves. It’s important to know your value and stay true to that
  3. Dubai is evolving and growing constantly, so business owners need to constantly look for ways to adapt and grow to stay ahead and relevant

Dream mentor?

Mindy Weiss (celebrity wedding planner).